Trees: Photography

A couple weeks ago I visited an exhibition in Somerset House, The Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition. An exhibition about how, as humans, we have had a significant global influence on the planet. I was particularity struck by an artist called Yan Wang Preston. She photographed trees in an urban environment, focusing on the Chinese tree trade. … More Trees: Photography

Creating a still life in the classroom; Steenwyck, Matisse and Morandi.

Still-lifes are deceptively easy and children can create a thought provoking still life relatively simply. This is because a still-life is as much about the arrangement and choice of objects as the technique and execution. Best results are made when children choose what they want to draw, even if this is from a selection of … More Creating a still life in the classroom; Steenwyck, Matisse and Morandi.


The dictionary definition of photography is that it is the activity or job of taking photographs or filming. Although I think that this is an incredibly basic a much more comprehensive definition defines photography as a science and an art with the outcome of creating durable images to record a chosen moment in time. Photography … More Photography

Street art

Street art includes a variety of media and techniques, such as traditional spray-painted tags, stickers, stencils, posters, photocopies, murals, paper cut-outs, mosaics, street installations, performances, and video projections. At is heart it represents the desire of humans to leave traces of their existence in a public arena. Street art deals with many tough issues facing the world and allows artists such … More Street art

Jackson Pollock

My main inspiration for writing this post is my discovery of this website. Using the website you can create digital work in the style of Jackson Pollock, such as the example below.   Key Pollock facts: Jackson Pollock was born in 1912 in the United States. Jackson Pollock was naughty at school. He got expelled from … More Jackson Pollock


Kandinsky was as abstract born in 1866 in Russia. Even as a child he was especially interested in colour. As Kandinsky grew as an artist he became interested in the power of colour to describe feeling. He always tried to make the viewer of his works feel his emotions through his use of colour. Kandinsky was … More Kandinsky